Australia’s new website offers a 24 hour free trial. This allows you to try it before subscribing and without need to enter your credit card.

To convert this to a paid subscription or, renew a lapsed paid subscription you need to use your trial of previous log in to avoid an “Email address already exists” message. The steps you need to take are:

1. log in with the email and password used for your trial or previous subscription. (you can still do this, but can’t access the actual records).

2. Click on “Upgrade Plan” at the top to go to the sign up page. This will pick up your registered email and take you to the registration and ┬ápayment page.

3. Add or update your address details (these are not added for the free trial subscription).

If you have any trouble with your subscription, please contact Customer Service, now mostly managed in Australia.

Telephone: 1800 904 447 (In Australia)
Telephone: 0011 2 9836 3587 (Outside of Australia)