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Old Colonials – DATA CD – $23.50
Published in 1891, this book by Alexander J. Boyd describes life in the Queensland bush as witnessed by him during his time as a school inspector and journalist.

The collection of sketches of Queensland life includes a stockman, shepherd, drover, pioneer, fencer, splitter, timber-getter, cockatoo farmer, barman, barmaid, larrikin, carrier, mailman, coachdriver, hawker, swagsman, loafer, digger, prospector, bush doctor, bush banker, pearl-sheller, bush butcher, sugar-boiler, independent schoolmaster, and school inspector. Other chapters cover the grog shanty, the gold escort, the native police, the noble savage, the Chinaman and colonial institutions. There are numerous black and white illustrations accompanying the text.

Australian Handbook 1887 – DATA CD – $39.50
Covering New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, West Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, New Zealand, and Fiji Islands, the Australian Handbook and Almanac and Shippers and Importers Directory for 1887, the eighteenth year of issue, is a guide with all kinds of interesting and unique information.

New South Wales Almanac and Country Directory 1921 (Moore) – DATA CD – $29.50
This book is divided into two sections, an Australian Almanac and a NSW directory for 1921, and contains invaluable information on places and people, throughout New South Wales. Also included is a large colour map of NSW towns, rail and coach lines and other transport options. The Almanac is 180 pages in length and includes a detailed calendar including “remarkable” events, sun and moon times, tides, phases of the moon, etc. This section also includes lists of court sessions, government departments, churches, societies & public institutions and schools as well as a detailed postal guide and list of postal towns and mail closing times.

Queensland State Electoral Roll 1912 – DATA CD – $54.50
The roll for Queensland in 1912 totals over 8,600 pages. Entries are arranged alphabetically by district and by division within the district. You will find the details of over 200,000 voters who resided in Queensland at this time, and who were qualified (and registered) to vote. Apart from the annual rolls (published variously in late 1911 and early 1912), the CD includes the additional rolls published in April, June, August, and October 1912.

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Radio Call 1951 – DATA CD – $19.50
Radio Call, described as “South Australia’s Only Broadcasting Newspaper”, commenced during 1937. It covers news from the Adelaide Studios and a host of other topics including all things musical, theatrical, the week’s radio programs, and lots of other news from Australia and overseas.

Tasmania Post Office Directory 1935-1936 (Wise) – DATA CD – $27.50

Victorian Government Gazette 1881 – DATA CD – $47.50
Government Gazettes are a unique, useful and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians and researchers in other fields throughout Australia. They were published by the government as a means of communication to officials and the general public and therefore contain information that is of great use in establishing an image of Australia and its people in the past.


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Yorkshire Parish Registers: Austerfield 1559-1812 and Cowthorpe 1568-1812 – DATA CD – $25.00
Though in Yorkshire the township of Austerfield comes under the parish of Blyth, Nottinghamshire. Covering the period 1559-1812, this collection of parish registers comes complete with indexes of places and names. Plus, also included is the parish registers of Cowthorpe, Yorkshire, covering the period 1568-1812. This also includes indexes of places and names.

Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions: Idle Upper Chapel Burial Registers and Graveyard Inscriptions – DATA CD – $25.00
This CD contains Yorkshire’s Idle Upper Chapel Burial Registers and Graveyard Inscriptions together with notices of the Quaker Burial Ground, Westfield Lane, and of the private burial ground, Thackley End. Complete with an index of names.

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire 1920 Kelly’s Directory – DATA CD – $39.50
Directories are a useful source of historical information, and this one is no different.

London 1880 Kelly’s Post Office Directory – DATA CD – $34.50
Kelly’s Post Office Directories contain both the Street Index, which lists streets alphabetically with residents’ names; and the Court Directory, which includes an alphabetical list of people by name with the street included, and so can be used with name or address information as a starting point.


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The Fair Land of Gowrie – DATA CD – $29.50
Originally published 1939, and tallying 278 pages, this local history grows out of and complements the author’s Errol: Its Legends, Lands and People, by expanding the range to include a wide portion of Perthshire known as the Carse of Gowrie.

Errol: Its Legends, Lands and People – DATA CD – $29.50
Written by Lawrence Melville, and originally published in 1935. This is a local history at its most informative. Errol is both a parish and a village in Perthshire, situated east of the town of Perth and southwest of the town of Dundee. As such, it is more or less in the middle of Scotland, and many events marched over it.



Family History for the Older and Wiser: Find Your Roots with Online Tools – S. Fifer – $27.95
Have you ever wanted to research your family history to discover your roots, but don’t know where to start? ‘Family History for the Older and Wise’ is an easy-to-follow guide, which takes you through all the different stages of researching your family history online and how to record you findings.