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Crown Land Sales in Queensland – DATA CD – $59.50
This title includes three sets of data relating to Crown Lands Sales in Queensland. The index for each set includes the name of the purchaser, the county or parish in which land was located and a year relating to the record. Additional information is included for each data set depending on the material in the original records.

The St Helena Story: An Illustrated History of Colonial Queensland’s Island Prison – J. Finger – $39.95
Life in exile for over 350 prisoners and scores of warders on a small island in colonial Brisbane’s Moreton Bay. Was it purgatory or paradise? This book reveals the evidence. Several kilometres from the mouth of the Brisbane River lies St Helena Island. For more than 60 years from 1867, St Helena was home to thousands of society’s outcasts, for here was located colonial Queensland’s foremost prison for men.

Seven Years in the Australian Bush – DATA CD – $19.50
Written in Sydney in 1877 by James B Stevenson, this book was published in 1880 and tells how he spent his first seven years in the bush in the Australian colonies. He arrived during the 1860s in Moreton Bay and travelled to Rockhampton – he was there when the famous bushranger Gardiner was brought in by the police. Following his life as a roving bushman he resided in Sydney.

Australian Handbook 1885 – DATA CD – $39.50
Covering New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, West Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, New Zealand, and Fiji Islands, the “Australian Handbook and Almanac and Shippers and Importers Directory for 1885”, the sixteenth year of issue, is a guide with all kinds of interesting and unique information.


New South Wales State Electoral Roll 1913 – DATA CD – $129.50
Electoral rolls are the nearest thing Australians have to census records, and hence they are extremely important and useful for local, family and social historians.

This compendium contains the state electoral rolls for all New South Wales districts for 1913 – almost 17,000 pages. Apart from the main roll some districts also have supplemental rolls. You will find the details of almost 1 million voters who resided in New South Wales at this time who were entitled (and registered) to vote. Importantly, the roll includes the names of many women qualified to vote for the election of members of the state parliament.

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Torrens Valley Historical Journals 1977-1990 (Issues 1-37) – DATA CD – $29.50
This CD contains the Torrens Valley Historical Journal from 1997 to 1990, the journal of the Torrens Valley & District Historical Society.

Torrens Valley Historical Journals 1991-2000 (Issues 38-49) – DATA CD – $29.50
This CD contains the Torrens Valley Historical Journal from 1991 to 2000, the journal of the Torrens Valley & District Historical Society.

Torrens Valley Historical Journals 2001-2010 (Issues 50-78) – DATA CD – $29.50
This CD contains the Torrens Valley Historical Journal from 2001 to 2010, the journal of the Torrens Valley & District Historical Society.

Torrens Valley Historical Journals Set 1977-2010 (Issues 1-78) – DATA CD – $59.50
This CD contains the complete run of the Torrens Valley Historical Journal – the journal of the Torrens Valley & District Historical Society. First published in January 1977, and continuing through until the current issue No. 78 (March 2010), the journals have articles on a wide range of topics relating to the history and people from the Torrens Valley district (which incorporates the towns of Birdwood, Cudlee Creek, Forreston, Gumeracha, Hermitage, Houghton, Inglewood, Kenton Valley, Kersbrook, Millbrook, Mount Torrens, Paracombe).

Stories of pioneer families, interviews with older residents, extracts from newspapers, cemetery records, church and school history, sporting results and so much more.


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Tracing Great War Ancestors: Finding Uncle Bill DVD – DVD – $59.95
Armed with details of Richard’s great uncle William Pye’s service between 1914 and 1918, the film sets out with battlefield historian Tim Saunders to ‘Find Uncle Bill’ and trace his war on the Western Front to his death just weeks before the Armistice. Their journey takes them from his first battle at Loos, via the Somme and Passchendaele, to his last battle and lost grave in the Ypres Salient.

London 1869 Kelly’s Post Office Directory – DATA CD – $34.50
Kelly’s Post Office Directories contain both the Street Index, which lists streets alphabetically with residents’ names; and the Court Directory, which includes an alphabetical list of people by name with the street included, and so can be used with name or address information as a starting point.

English Women’s Clothing in the Nineteenth Century – C. Cunningham – $52.50
Over 1100 line drawings and photographs depict hundreds of outfits ranging from lovely morning dresses and starkly attractive riding outfits to elegant carriage costumes, opulent evening dresses and exquisite bridal gowns. Full-page plates also depict period millinery, footwear, underclothing and other apparel, while three useful glossaries provide descriptions of materials, definitions of technical terms and more.

Shrewsbury School Register, Shropshire 1798-1898 – DATA CD – $25.00
School records are a fascinating source of historical and biographical information. This register of Shewsbury School in Shropshire covers the years 1798-1898. And it includes biographical details about the scholars, an index of names of pupils, lists of sporting teams and two colour plans of the school.


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Report of the Labour Commission to Ireland – DATA CD – $24.00
Published in 1921 by the English Parliamentary Labour Party, the Report of the Labour Commission to Ireland, although a relatively brief publication of just 124 pages, is a thoroughly fascinating, if sometimes a little biased, account of the War of Independence in Ireland, especially the conduct of the British Army and Auxiliary Forces.

History of Ireland – DATA CD – $33.00
Published in about 1850 this publication contains Sylvester O’Halloran’s History of Ireland from the earliest times to 1171 and is continued by with Dolby’s History of Ireland from the Invasion of Henry the Second to the present, compiled from the most approved writers on the subject by W[illia]m. Dolby, aided by a committee of Admirers of Irish History. In all this publication contains 860 printed pages together with a number of copper-plate illustrations of notable Irish personalities such as Wolfe Tone and Daniel O’Connell.

Royal Irish Constabulary List and Directory 1889 – DATA CD – $16.00
Originally printed and published in Dublin by John Mullany of Fleet Street and republished here on fully-searchable CD-ROM, is the Royal Irish Constabulary List & Directory; Containing Lists of the Constabulary Departments, Dublin Metropolitan Police, Resident Magistrates, Coast Guards, Etc. Published half-yearly, this publication is numbered 96.

The Military Novels of Charles Lever – DATA CD – $33.00
Republished here on fully-searchable CD-ROM are The Military Novels of Charles Lever featuring his character Charley O’Malley. Originally collected and published in two volumes in 1841 and republished in 1872 by the author, this republication is number 74 of a limited edition of 250 published in Boston in 1891. In total, the two volumes contain more than 1,100 printed pages recording the antics of Charles O’Malley and his associates, the most popular serialised short stories in early Victorian Britain.


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Wallace Family Records: A Collection of Materials Relating to the History of the Wallace Family – DATA CD – $29.50
This CD contains a collection of three separate articles relating to the history of the Wallace family.

Border Raids and Reivers – DATA CD – $29.50
This work provides a detailed examination of what it meant to live or on the border between England and Scotland in the period before 1603.