The National Institute of Genealogical Studies plays host to hundreds of online genealogical courses. If you are wanting to increase your genealogy knowledge, but don’t have the time or desire to book into local courses (that is assuming they are even on offer in your area), take an online genealogical course through the NIGS.

With 79 online genealogy courses scheduled to start on 6 September 2010 there is bound to be something here that you’d like to learn more about. Courses vary in length from 4 weeks through to a full year (52 weeks). If you go to click on Course > Course Calendar, and each course gives the full details of what is covered in the course, the price (in US$) and the length of the course.

You can learn more about Australian & New Zealand Research, as well as English, Irish, Scottish, German, US and Canadian. How to use RootsMagic, Genetics, Heraldry, Handwriting, and Genealogy Librarianship just to name a few.

The full list of the courses starting in September is:
Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 1     (BASIC)
Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 3    (ADVANCED)
Canadian: Census Records – Part 1    (BASIC)
Canadian: Geography and Maps    (ADVANCED)
Canadian: Immigration Records    (ADVANCED)
Canadian: Land Records – Part 1    (BASIC)
Canadian: Land Records – Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
Canadian: Local History & Special Collections    (ADVANCED)
Canadian: Migration Patterns    (ADVANCED)
Canadian: Vital Statistics – Part 1    (BASIC)
Canadian: Vital Statistics – Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
Canadian: Wills and Estate Records – Part 1    (BASIC)
Electronic Resources: RootsMagic    (BASIC)
Electronic Resources: Using The Internet    (BASIC)
English: Census Records including Wales    (BASIC)
English: Civil Registration Records including Wales    (BASIC)
English: Court Records-Criminal, Civil & Ecclesiastical    (ADVANCED)
English: Land & Property Records Including Manorial Documents & Maps    (ADVANCED)
English: Occupations – Professions and Trades    (INTERMEDIATE)
English: Parish Registers    (BASIC)
English: Probate Records    (BASIC)
English: Understanding Names in Genealogy    (INTERMEDIATE)
Genealogy and Copyright Guidelines    (ADVANCED)
Genetics and Genealogy    (ADVANCED)
German: Church Records    (BASIC)
German: Civil Registration Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
German: Introduction to German Research for North Americans    (BASIC)
German: Locating Places in Germany    (BASIC)
German: Reading the Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
German: The Language    (BASIC)
Heraldry for the Family Historian    (INTERMEDIATE)
Investigate: Adoption Records    (BASIC)
Investigate: Lost Friends and Family Records    (BASIC)
Irish: Archival Repositories    (BASIC)
Irish: Census & Census Substitute Records    (BASIC)
Irish: Civil Registration in Ireland    (INTERMEDIATE)
Irish: Conformist & Non-Conformist Church Records    (BASIC)
Irish: Electoral & Taxation Records    (ADVANCED)
Irish: Estate, Plantation & Settlement Records    (ADVANCED)
Irish: Major Printed Sources    (INTERMEDIATE)
Irish: Monumental (Gravestone) Inscriptions    (INTERMEDIATE)
Irish: Understanding Ireland, History & Source Records    (BASIC)
Librarianship: Developing a Genealogy Web Site    (ADVANCED)
Librarianship: Developing Successful Genealogy Collections    (BASIC)
Librarianship: Genealogy Reference Interview    (BASIC)
Librarianship: Handouts, Brochures & Online/Multi-Media Reference Tools    (INTERMEDIATE)
Librarianship: Programming and Marketing Your Services    (INTERMEDIATE)
Librarianship: Specialized Genealogy Sources    (BASIC)
Librarianship: Twenty-First Century Genealogy Services    (BASIC)
Methodology – Part 1: Getting Started    (BASIC)
Methodology – Part 2: Organizing and Skillbuilding    (BASIC)
Methodology – Part 3: More Strategies    (INTERMEDIATE)
Methodology – Part 4: Effective Searching and Recording    (INTERMEDIATE)
Methodology – Part 5: How To Prove It    (INTERMEDIATE)
Methodology – Part 6: Professional Preparation and Practice    (ADVANCED)
Palaeography: Reading & Understanding Historical Documents    (ADVANCED)
Planning a Fabulous Family Reunion    (BASIC)
Producing Your Family Video    (BASIC)
Research from Family History Centers to New FamilySearch    (BASIC)
Research: Alberta Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
Research: Australian and New Zealand Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
Research: English Ancestors-The Basics    (BASIC)
Research: German Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
Research: Manitoba Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
Research: New Brunswick Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
Research: Ontario Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
Research: Quebec Non-Francophone Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
Research: Scandinavian Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
Scottish: Special Aspects of Scottish Research    (BASIC)
Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Family Story    (BASIC)
US: Cemetery and Mortuary Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
US: Census Records    (BASIC)
US: Institutional Records    (ADVANCED)
US: Migration Patterns    (INTERMEDIATE)
US: Military Records    (ADVANCED)
US: Religious Records – Part 1    (BASIC)
US: Religious Records – Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
US: Vital Records, Understanding & Using The Records    (BASIC)

If above are don’t cover anything that you’re wanting to pursue, or the timing doesn’t work for you, check out their courses starting in October and November as well.

While I personally haven’t signed up for any of the courses, there a a number I’d be love to take … so give me some time, and I’m there. But feedback that I have heard from others who have taken course is that they are excellent, and well worth the money.

For those with an interest in taking the Australian & New Zealand course, this is conducted by well-known genealogist and speaker Kerry Farmer.

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