Legacy Family Tree version Released

With the relatively recent release of Legacy 7.4 behind them, the makers of Legacy Family Tree have are in no way just sitting back with their feet up.

They have just released a new update to 7.4 (version, which includes some new features, a few changes and some fixes. This is a free update for all Legacy 7 Users.

Relationship Report – Added option to include lifespan years after the names.
Search and replace – When performing a Search and Replace you can now enter a TAB character or a CRLF by using these special representations «tab» and «crlf».

Help File – Includes an updated help file.

For the full listing of what is included in this update you can find it here.

To download the version very latest version, you can do so from the download update page on the publishers website.

2 thoughts on “Legacy Family Tree version Released

  1. I am so distressed. My computer was in the shop to have some
    virus removed, and in the process I lost the beginning pages of my
    family tree that was entered in my computer. I subscribed to Legacy 7.4 in May or June, 2009. Is there any way I can have the
    program emailed to me so I can download it and have access my records again?

  2. Hi Eleanor, you can always download the latest Standard version of Legacy from http://www.legacyfamilytree.com for free, and if you have either the Deluxe or Platinum version of the program, you can simply enter your licence code to unlock the full features of the program. On the top bar under Help > scroll down the Unlock Legacy Deluxe … then enter your licence code.

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