World Cup Soccer is no doubt dominating the world and TV screens at present, but for those not quite so obsessed with soccer – but more so with genealogy, have an amazing offer of allowing users FREE ACCESS to their website whenever England is playing.

I will admit I’m a little behind with advising you of this, as England has already played one match, I do apologise for that. Anyway FindMyPast initially set it up so that:

“… during the World Cup: all the records* on will be completely free to view whenever England play a match. 30 minutes before every England game kicks off, will be free for 3 hours …

This meant that for us in the southern hemisphere in Oz you’d need to be online at around 4am or so. Figuring that no-one would really want to get up at that time just for 90 minutes of free searching, I didn’t make mention of it. Now I stand corrected, as I do know of people that did this. My mistake!

With the second of England’s matches scheduled for this weekend (Oz time) – have changed the rules a little to make it easier for users time-wise (and probably so that it will help in not crashish their systems).

The findmypast blog has all of the details of how to go about getting free access, but the essence of it is:

How to get free access:

  • Make sure you are registered on the website before midnight (UK time) on the day before the match. If you have already registered, you do not need to do this again.
  • Return to at a time of your choosing between 9am (UK time) on the day of the match and 9am (UK time) the day afterwards.
  • Once you have signed in, you will have 90 minutes to search and view the records for free.

The free 90 minutes are available as a continuous period and will begin the moment you sign into between the times stated above. If you’re not in the UK, you can convert the UK times above into your local time.

NOTE: If you haven’t registered with FMP already, it is now too late to do so for this 2nd match offer. But I suggest registering now anyway, so then you’re ready for when England’s 3rd match is played.

The schedule for the coming England Soccer Matches are:
England vs. Algeria Fri 18 Jun 8.30pm (Australia EST 4.30am 19th June)
England vs. Slovenia Wed. 23 June 4.00pm (Australia EST 12.00am 24th June)

So thanks to soccer and … happy searching … Let us know if you find some geat connections, we’d love to hear!! You can do so on the bottom of this blog post, or on our Facebook page.