Researching Scottish Family History

There are numerous books available on researching your Scottish ancestry, but none quite like this one.

Chris Paton’s “Researching Scottish Family History” has made beginning your Scottish less overwhelming, by keeping it simple, concise and providing plenty of website links.

Chris is professional genealogist at Scotlands Greatest Story, and writer of the Scottish Genealogy News and Events blog, which is an excellent read by the way.

Divided into twelve chapters each covering a different topic (ie. getting started, parish records, FamilySearch and the IGI, Censuses, Wills and so on). The Appendixes contain details of regional archives, and Family History Soceities throughout Scotland.

With a stack of tips mentioned throughout, together with hundreds of useful websites – this will be of use to not only those beginning their Scottish research, but also for those looking for other possible avenues to search.

Researching Scottish Family History” is now in stock, and sells for $25.00.

3 thoughts on “Researching Scottish Family History

  1. Great site, would you happen to know if there are any on-line sites giving access to Scottish Records or anywhere that has records for sale on cd-rom, trying to get hold of Scottish records seems to be more difficult than any other country, or maybe I’m not looking in the right places..


  2. Ian, have you been to I’ve found that my Scots ancestors are the easiest to research thanks to this site!

  3. Thanks for the info Jane, will give it a visit..

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