In only five years, Cassini Historical Maps have certainly become a leader in the field of historical UK mapping. Having only started in 2005 the company which already offered a large choice of options for maps (printed folded maps, framed prints, mounted maps, placemats and coasters, and even jigsaws) now has added to their range with two new products: Downloadable Maps and also Create Your Own Large-Format Maps.

With downloadable maps this allows you to order your map, and receive a PDF copy of it within minutes. How many times have you wanted to find a place only to find that it is on the edge or 2 or 3 different maps? Too many I’m sure, well gone are those days, with the ability to centre the map of your choice on your area of interest with both new options.

A4 or A3 at a scale of 1:2,500, centred on your area of choice
The announcement from  Cassini reads …Cassini Downloads

We’re delighted to announce Ordnance Survey’s  highly detailed 19th-century mapping is now available on our website.

This means you can create your own A4 or A3  1:2,500 map, centred on any point you choose, and we will deliver it to you as a PDF file within minutes.

To create your map simply:

  • Click here
  • Enter a place name or post code in the search box
  • Choose your scale and map size from the panel above the present-day locator map
  • Click on ‘Choose map type’ to see thumbnail views of the map/s you’ve selected

Dating from the 1860s to the 1880s, these fascinating maps are the first ever produced at this highly detailed scale, revealing virtually every man-made feature of the Victorian landscape.

All our other products and mapping series are still available too. To explore our full range, just visit our home page.


Also the following is an announcement from Cassini Historical Maps dated 1 April 2010 …

Cassini Mapmaker multi

printed 80cm x 80cm maps, posted out to you, centred on the area of your choice

Create your own large format Historical Maps on-demand using Mapmaker Plus!

This is a brand new way to get historical Ordnance Survey mapping of your area. Mapmaker Plus from Cassini offers you the chance to create a large (80cm x 80cm), Ordnance Survey Historical map, centred on anywhere in the UK.

The map you create will then be printed, folded or flat-rolled, and sent to you within 21 working days.

A stunning gift, treasured keepsake or perfect research tool, the map you create is unique and will be made just for you.

Find a map of your area now!

  • Click here
  • Choose the map centre by postcode or place-name
  • Choose from up to five Ordnance Survey Historical Map Series of the UK spanning 200 years
  • Pick a map scale to show the detail you want – area view to street view
  • Have your map folded and delivered to any address or have it rolled and sent to you in a tube
  • Your map will include explanatory text written by Historical Map experts, and a map legend where applicable.

Go on, why not have a look at MapmakerPlus!

So what could be easier … want it instantly choose download, want a printed copy of ‘your’ area of interest, simply choose that option. Certainly UK mapping has now reached a new level.