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Remember Them: A Guide to Victoria’s Wartime Heritage – G. Hutchinson – $39.95
This detailed and accessible guidebook shares the personal stories of the individuals honoured in 250 of Victoria’s key war memorials. Arranged geographically, with accompanying maps and photographs, this comprehensive book covers metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, providing a unique insight into our wartime history and the local heroes who fought for our country.

Torrens Valley Historical Journal No. 75 – Torrens Valley Historical Society – $8.00
This volume continues on with references from ‘The Mount Barker Courier’ newspaper, which was a weekly paper that came out on Fridays. All references which relate to the area of interest (Torrens Valley region) are noted, with the exception of the District Council reports. This volume covers entries from 1957 and 1958.

The Press Directory of Australia and New Zealand – DATA CD – $27.50
Compiled and published in 1958 (14th edition) by Country Press Ltd., Newspaper House, Sydney. For each of the Australian states and territories and for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, the book gives three main types of information:

  • – Statistics – a summary of the area, population, and industries
  • – A short description of the capital city and provincial towns
  • – A very comprehensive list of the daily, weekly, sectional, magazines and periodical papers; including the year of establishment, cost, format of the paper, address and telephone number

Jubilee Souvenir History of the Municipality of Newtown 1862-1912 – DATA CD – $19.50
Published in 1912 to coincide with the Jubilee of Newtown, this history is a wonderful record of the progress of the town from just a few settlers in 1862 to one of the most wealthy suburbs of Sydney in 1912. Consisting of 200 pages, and numerous photographs of local identities, groups and public buildings.

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Queensland Education Gazette Compendium 1899-1905 – DATA CD – $47.50
An unusual source of historical information, but no less important is Education Gazettes. For anyone with either connections to the Education Department, or just an interest in its history, this is a vast collection.

A Visit to Queensland and Her Goldfields – DATA CD – $27.50
Written by Chas H. Allen and originally published in 1870, this book describes his travels in both Queensland and Victoria and touches on Sydney (the port at which he arrived), and New Zealand.

South Australian Government Gazette Compendium 1851-1860 – DATA CD – $239.50
Information such as the following can often be found in most Gazettes: land sales, government appointments, lost stock, unclaimed letters, police reports, desertions, ships arrivals, insolvency notices, permits, licences and certificates (liquor, firewood, stone gravel and wood, depasturing, dogs, vehicles, drays, cow keepers, milk sellers, marriage celebrants, publicans, auctioneers just to name a few), even petitions (with names) and trademark applications… and the list could go on and on.

Melbourne Directory 1907 (Sands and McDougall) – DATA CD – $47.50
A massive directory of almost 2,300 pages, this Sands and McDougall directory, which in 1907 was in its 51st year of publication, consists not only of a Melbourne Directory, but also its Suburbs and the country areas too. The Melbourne and Suburban sections contain the “Street, Alphabetical, Trade and Professional Directories of Melbourne and Suburbs together with Government, Ecclesiastical, Legal, Municipal, and Other Information”.


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Kings, Queens, Bones and Bastards: Who’s Who in the British Monarchy From Egbert to Elizabeth II – D. Hilliam – $29.95 REPRINT
Who invented the ‘House of Windsor’ as a royal name? Who founded Westminster Abbey? Which king had twenty five illegitimate children? David Hilliam answers all these questions and many more. Here is a continuous history of the English monarchy, showing how the nine dynasties rose and fell. This book covers all of the kings and queens, from Egbert, crowned in 802 and considered the first king of England, to Queen Elizabeth II – as well as recording the extraordinary lives of their queens, mistresses and bastard children. It also examines what happened to each monarch’s remains, as well as relating many more unusual incidents of royal history that rarely appear in the text books.

The Railway Year Book for 1922 – DATA CD – $35.00
‘The Whitaker of the railway world’. Published at a very significant turning point in railway history, just prior to the amalgamation of the various regional railways into the grouping of the ‘Big Four’ companies. Over 500 pages of fascinating information.

Suffolk Hearth Tax Returns 1674 – DATA CD – $35.00
Published in 1905, this volume contains transcripts of the 1674 Hearth Tax returns for the county of Suffolk, arranged alphabetically by parish. This is one of the most important sources of early information for family historians, as it lists the Hearth Tax Returns for every householder in the county in 1674, together with the number of hearths in each house. Complete with an index of names.

Lancashire Parish Registers: Preston 1611-1635 and Broughton 1653-1804 – DATA CD – $25.00
Transcribed & edited by A.E. Hodder, this CD contains transcripts of the Parish Registers of the parishes Preston and Broughton in Lancashire. Preston contains Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1611 to 1635. The parish registers of Broughton contain Baptisms 1653-1804, Marriages 1653-1759 and Burials 1653-1803. Both are complete with indexes of names and places.

Merchant Taylors’ School Register, Middlesex 1871-1900 – DATA CD – $25.00
This register of Merchant Taylor’s School covers the years 1871-1900, which embraces the last years of the school in Suffolk Lane and the first quarter of a century in Charterhouse Square.


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Tales and Traditions of the Lews – D. Macdonald – $23.95 REPRINT
This book on the history of Lewis contains a marvellous collection of local history, myth and legend from pre-historic times right through to the present day, it brings alive the island of Lewis in a way that few other histories can. With over sixty essays on people, places and tradition, it reveals the full range of the author’s erudition, and is informed by his love and deep knowledge of his native island. To read through or simply to dip into ‘Tales and Traditions of the Lews’ is a fascinating experience for anyone who loves Scotland and her islands.

Merchiston Castle School Register, Edinburgh, Midlothian 1833-1903 – DATA CD – $25.00
The register lists virtually all students of this boarding school up to 1903. Extracts can include name, residence, birth/death dates, years at school, day/boarder indicator, academic/sporting achievements, biographical information. Also includes history of school, Directors, Headmasters, Assistant Masters, sporting teams and results.

History of Kilmarnock, Scotland – DATA CD – $29.50
The town of Kilmarnock is the primary focus of this work, with attention to the local castles of Dean, home of the Boyds, Crawfurdland, and Rowallen. The religious nature of this southwestern town likewise required that much attention be given to the Covenanters, dissenters, churches in the town, and its religious evolution. The poetry of Robert Burns is so associated with the name Kilmarnock that the poet and his work repeatedly come to the fore. Other poets and writers of songs, as well as performers, likewise required attention, as did natural disasters, lists of magistrates and town officials, and other information extracted from local records. But overall, the history of the dominant family in the town and region appears and reappears.

The Celtic Church in Scotland: A Study in Its Penetration Lines and Art Relationships – DATA CD – $29.50
This study of the religious transformation of Scotland begins with a study of the Roman background, and continues with an exploration of the mission of St. Ninian to the Britons and the Picts; the maintenance of that church after its founder?s death; the role of Iona, Bangor, Kingarth, and Glasgow in the Christianizing of Scotland; and the establishment and development of the church in the Northern Isles. There is a chapter on the Celtic cross, its origins at Candida Casa, and its dispersal throughout Scotland, Ireland, and northern England; and lastly, Simpson considers St. Boniface and the beginning of the Roman church?s influence within Scotland.


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The Record Interpreter – DATA CD – $35.00
An essential book for all those who study English records and manuscripts. Giving not only abbreviations of Latin words used but abbreviations of French words used in those records. Also included are listings of Latin forms of English Christian names and surnames.

A Victorian Guide to Healthy Living – T. Allinson & A. Selby – $60.00
A Victorian Guide to Healthy Living’ brings together the best of his advice and gives an extraordinary insight into how the Victorians lived their lives.

Your Family History Archives: A Brief Introduction – S. Hicks – $10.00
‘Your Family History Archives’ is a brief introduction to the basics of recording, organising and caring for family archives and what to do to ensure the collection is not lost to future generations of family and other researchers. It is based on a talk that the author presents to genealogy and family history groups.



7 Generation Pedigree Chart – STATIONERY – $4.50 REPRINT
This has always been a popular chart, and now it is finally back in print. This large chart is printed in green ink, and is on parchment paper, and features a tree in the background, with lines for you to fill in seven generations of your direct line family tree. It is perfect for framing or display.