Anzac Book 1916 – DATA CD – $23.50
‘The Anzac Book’ contains a range of interesting information, such as: the Landing at Gallipoli, Glimpses of Anzac, Army Biscuits and the Book of Anzac Chronicles. Illustrations and photographs of different aspects and experiences of the war and the battle at Gallipoli are also included.

New South Wales Government Gazette Compendium 1841-1850 – DATA CD – $299.50
Full of fascinating information, both historical and genealogical, you will find information such as land transactions, legal notices, horse and cattle impoundments, partnerships, licences, government contracts and an enormous amount of information relating to convicts, such as Certificates of Freedom, Tickets-of-Leave Granted, Tickets-of-Leave Cancelled, Absconders from Employment, Lists of Runaways Apprehended … and so much more. So if you’ve got an interest in New South Wales during this period – you’re bound to find something of interest.

Kenilworth Centenary 1850 to 1950 – DATA CD – $9.50
While not a large book, the ‘Kenilworth Centenary’ describes in brief the history of the discovery and early settlement of the Upper Mary Valley country, which includes Kenilworth and other areas and places surrounding the Brisbane River in Queensland.

Brands Directory of South Australia 1938: Sheep Brands – DATA CD – $27.50
What information can be found in a brands directory? You will find an image of the brand registered, certificate number, former brands, name of proprietor, run where the brand is to be used (address), and nearest post town to the run.

Walch’s Tasmanian Almanac 1891 – DATA CD – $23.50
Almanacs are a useful resource for being able to ‘add flesh to the bones’ in finding out more about your ancestors and the society in which they lived, their occupation, the town they lived in, the businesses in the district and the cost of items at that era.

Victorian Directory 1914 (Sands and McDougall) – DATA CD – $47.50
A massive directory of over 3000 pages, this Sands and McDougall directory, which in 1914 was in its 58th year of publication, consists of not only a Melbourne directory, but also its Suburbs and the country areas too.

New Zealand

Going Abroad: The MacGibbon Family and Other Early Scottish Emigrants to Otago and Southland, New Zealand – J. MacGibbon – $49.50
The author’s great-great grandfather, also named John MacGibbon, took his family to the ‘ends of the earth’ in 1849, emigrating from Scotland to New Zealand. “Going Abroad” looks at why they did it, how they did it, and how they managed in the new country first in Dunedin and then further south in Mataura and Gore.

Your Family’s History: Research, Write and Publish It – J. MacGibbon – $13.50
John MacGibbon is a professional writer and publisher, and in “Your Family’s History” he passes on valuable tips and strategies gleaned from his own research, writing and publishing journey, as well as his work with other authors. It is expanded from talks he gave at the National Library of New Zealand in 2009.

From Gallipoli to Palestine: The War Writing of Sergeant G.T. Clunie of the Wellington Rifles 1914-1919 – K. Clunie & R. Austin – $55.00
From Gallipoli to Palestine provides the reader with a view of the historic Anzac operations at Gallipoli, then the successful campaign in Egypt and Palestine.


Town Map Yorkshire: Rotherham 1922 – Map – $9.00
The large scale plans of the Ordnance Survey are quite unique. In a clear and attractive manner they have portrayed the English towns and villages in detail over the last 150 years. They show not just the streets, but virtually every house; the complete track layouts of railways and tramways are given; factories, mills and docks are all shown. The maps contain all the fascinating minutiae that is the lifeblood of history and have become the most complete record of the places where our ancestors lived and worked.

Medals: The Researcher’s Guide – W. Spencer – $24.95
This exceptional guide to researching medals shows how to trace individuals and actions using Britain’s best record collections. In combines in a single volume the unique resources of the National Archives and the India Office records at the British Library, featuring military and civilian awards, orders, decorations and medals from 1793 to 1992.

Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester 1586-1602 – DATA CD – $25.00
Compiled and Edited by John Harland, F.S.A. Published in 1865, this CD contains transcripts of Court Leet Records for the Manor of Manchester, 1586-1602, containing many names of people in connection with land transfers, markets, local disputes, etc. A fascinating insight into life in Tudor Manchester. Also contains an Appendix detailing the local government and social conditions of the people of Manchester during the Tudor period. Complete with an index.


History of the House and Clan of Mackay – DATA CD – $34.50
This a history absolutely packed with family and historical material found nowhere else and detailing the history and descent of this great Highland family.

The Lordship of the Isles: Wanderings in the Lost Lordship – DATA CD – $34.50
It is a fascinating history written for the layman and intending above all else to make clear the meaning of the history of this region.

History of the MacDonalds and Lords of the Isles – DATA CD – $34.50
In the 19th century, Alexander Mackenzie was the premier historian of the great Scottish families, and his extensive study of the Donald family long has been the standard by which such histories have been judged. Mackenzie studied the Donalds as the royal family of the Isles, the last of those who held semi-independent kingdoms in the west of Scotland.

Loyal Lochaber and its Associations – DATA CD – $34.50
Lochaber is a district in the south of mainland Inverness, and is bounded by Perthshire, Argyllshire, the Great Glen, and Badenoch. It was a region long isolated from the rest of Scotland, and until the appearance of the railroad in the 19th century, long retained its strong Celtic and Viking character and its preoccupation with a series of great families who for centuries had defined the course of its history.

The History of the Mackenzies with Genealogies of the Principal Families of the Name – DATA CD – $34.50
This is an extended account of the Mackenzies of Kintail and Seaforth, as well as the branch families, of which there are dozens. It is both history and genealogy and an excellent example of the best the 19th century could produce.

The MacQueens of Queensdale: A Biography of Col. James MacQueen and His Descendants – DATA CD – $34.50
This work includes much material on the MacQueens in America, and the extensive index is an excellent guide to all the names besides MacQueen which figure prominently in this genealogy. Among those most often encountered are: Alexander, Baker, Black, Blue, Bracy, Bunting, Cunningham, Currie, Dick, George, Ledbetter, MacCallum, MacDonald, MacEachin, MacInnis, MacIntyre, MacKinnon, MacLaurin, MacLean, MacLeod, Moore, Morrison, Newsom, O’Neal, Pittman, Powell, Sinclair, Smith, Wade, and Whitlock.


Bazzill Basics 12×12 Family Story – Scrapbooking – $2.40
The Bazzill Basics Heritage range of papers has such a beautiful classic look to it. Using cream heavy-weight paper, and printed with brown and black on it – this Family Story page allows for just that – you to write either your own memories, or those of other family members.

Bazzill Basics 12×12 Family Group Chart 1 – Scrapbooking – $2.40
This is one of the nicest family tree scrapbooking papers I’ve ever seen … and it includes decent sized boxes for the photos, and reasonable space to write your details. This sheet allows for parents, and 4 children. If you have more children, you can always get some of Family Group Chart 2, which has room for another 6 children.

Bazzill Basics 12×12 Family Group Chart 2 – Scrapbooking – $2.40
This is page 2 of the Family Group Chart from Bazzill Basics, and is needed if you have more that four children in a family. This is printed in the same format as Chart 1, heavy-weight card, brown and black printing on cream card, large photo boxes, and reasonable space to write.

Bazzill Basics 12×12 Family Generations Chart – Scrapbooking – $2.40
If you’re creating a family tree heritage scrapbooking album, you will need a pedigree chart, and this is an ideal one for you. One the pages in the Bazzill Basics Heritage collection – this four generation chart allows you to fill in from yourself, back to your great grandparents.

Bazzill Basics Heritage Note Cards (Horizontal) – Scrapbooking – $2.40
So you’re creating a heritage album, and have some pages with photographs – these journalling boxes are a lovely (and easy) addition to your page. Journalling doesn’t mean writing a whole story, just a few lines about the photo, or people in the photo.

Bazzill Basics Heritage Note Cards (Vertical) – Scrapbooking – $2.40
A heritage album is not complete without some photos, and with photos comes journalling. This page from the Bazzill Basics Heritage collection comes as a 12″x12″ sheet which contains six journalling boxes each vertical, (there is another page which has them horizontal). Each measures 14.5cm x 10cm (5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″), and they are printed on heavy-weight cream coloured card and co-ordinate with other papers in the Bazzill Basics Heritage range.

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