Wounded Eagle: The Bombing of Darwin and Australia’s Air Defence Scandal – P. Ewer – $29.95
Based on unparalleled archival research in Australia and the United Kingdom, ‘Wounded Eagle’ completely rewrites the early war history of the RAAF. This devastating expose shows how Australia was left defenceless by a clique of conservative politicians, including former Prime Minister Robert Menzies, who took decisions that left Australia without an air defence system in our greatest hour of need.

Golden Grove Cemetery: Old and New Sections – Tea Tree Gully Historical Society – $39.95 NEW EDITION
The Tea Tree Gully Historical Society embarked on a project to record all of the graves in the Golden Grove Cemetery, so as to preserve the details and history of them for future researchers. This CD-ROM is a compilation of their work and includes deaths up to September 2006 in the old section, and December 2007 in the new section. Each headstone has been transcribed, as well as photographed (often including more than one photograph for each).

Hobart Government Gazette 1905 – DATA CD – $27.50
Example entriy taken from the 7 February 1905 issue:

  • Licensing Bench Notice – George Town Licensing District
    Notice is hereby given that Messrs. T.H. Simpson, (Government nominee, Chairman), J. Anderson, R. Darby, R.J. Harris, and J.T. Stubs, were elected as Members of the Licensing Bench for the District of George Town for the year 1905.
    Dated this 25th day of January, 1905
    Thos. Clifton, Clerk of Petty Sessions.

New South Wales Telephone Directory 1945: Sydney – DATA CD – $29.50
For historians with an interest in New South Wales and its residents, Telephone Directories are a wonderful source of information, as they provide the name and address of people at a particular date. This 1945 New South Wales Telephone Directory covers Sydney city and surrounding suburb exchanges of Sydney including: the City North, the City South, Ashfield, Castle Hill, Liverpool, Manly, Sutherland and many more.


Famous Regiments of the British Army Volume 1: A Pictorial Guide and Celebration – D. Bond – $54.95
Thirty-five of the most famous regiments ever featured – their battle honours, their badges, their most famous sons – and the stories of the actions of Victoria Cross holders. Each regiment’s section is accompanied by artworks and photographs, illustrating insignia, uniforms and soldiers in action. The omission of some regiments will infuriate some, but this is the first of three volumes planned and many of those apparently ‘missing’ will feature.

Dulwich College Register, London 1619-1926 – DATA CD – $25.00
School and college registers are an excellent source of historical and biographical information, and this one is no different. This College Register covers the years 1619-1926 and gives excellent biographical details about the scholars at Dulwich College, and includes their date of birth, the name of his father (or guardian) and the dates of entrance and leaving. In addition it contains lists of school staff and sporting teams, as well as historical notes about the school and an alphabetical name index. Compiled by Thomas Lane Ormiston.

Town Map Hampshire: Southampton (West) 1908 – Map – $9.00
The Godfrey Edition is a major undertaking to reprint these maps, in a convenient and affordable form, for towns throughout Britain and Ireland. This map of Southampton West as it was in 1908 will delight local historians, genealogists and all who are interested in the history of the this region.

County Topographies: Hampshire including the Isle of Wight 1875 – DATA CD – $33.00
Printed and published by Kelly & Co., in London in 1875, County Topographies: Hampshire contains in excess of 450 printed pages and includes an extensive section on the Isle of Wight. Topographical directories usually provide a plethora of fascinating local information on the areas on which they treat and this publication is no exception.


Ireland Genealogy and Family History – M. O’Laughlin – $49.95 each
These books are written to help find the roots of any family in the county. Printed on A4 parchment type cover, with spiral binding, the book includes illustrations, some of which may appear faded with age as in the originals; County Map; Local Sources; Coats of Arms; and record extracts. Many families are given with family history notes, specific locations; coat of arms; and seats of power. Some are only mentioned. A must for any researcher. For a full description of each title click the links below:


Clan Warfare in the Scottish Highlands
– DATA CD – $34.50
In this 288 pages book published 1922, the increasingly fractious and decentralized world of the Highlands and Islands after 1400, families competed for area supremacy or fought each other over recent or near-forgotten conflicts and feuds. There was no central authority to impose order, and warfare into the 18th century could be endemic on a local scale.

Cameron Family Records – DATA CD – $34.50
This CD contains six separate books or articles relating to the history of the Clan Cameron.

The Book of Glenbuchat – DATA CD – $34.50
Originally published 1942, this unusual work concentrates upon the glen and castle of Glenbuchat in Aberdeenshire, with a series of articles relating to various aspects of the glen, the castle, and the Gordons. It begins with an extended essay by Simpson on Glenbuchat and Its Castle, followed by articles on the Glen and Its Folk, the Castle, the Lairds of Glenbuchat, Old Glenbucket of the Jacobite Risings, and Other Gordons in Glenbuchat. There are as well chapters on the Gordons of Crofts, the Lands of Inverbuchat and Beltamore, and additional materials on historical relics of the glen.

Caithness Family History – DATA CD – $34.50
Caithness is a martime county in the extreme northeast of mainland Scotland, and while it long was inhabited by Celts of the Curnavii tribe, Caithness was from the 10th century settled by Scandinavians and by Norwegians in particular who altered the population base and the culture of the province.


5000 Ephemera Art Pieces
– DATA CD – $42.50
5000 vintage ephemera images—to use over and over! Cardmakers and scrapbookers, this CD is for you. You’ll have 5,000 vintage-style ephemera images to print out as often as you want! From old clocks to portraits of elegant ladies, faux postage stamps and vintage sewing supplies to masculine old-fashioned cars and more. You’ll also have definitions, perfect as card focals or scrapbook page journalling. It’s phenomenal value! Simply print the images onto cardstock, paper or vellum.

Kaisercraft Duchess Rub-ons (Black) – Scrapbooking – $3.95
This is the black version of the rub-ons from the Duchess collection. With an antique theme flowing through the images, you will find an elaborate frame, padlock, journalling box, key and several flourish patterns on this page of rub-ons.

Kaisercraft Duchess Rub-ons (Colour) – Scrapbooking – $3.95
This sheet of rub-ons is a unique and easy way to create your personalised heritage styled pages and cards. Featuring vintage patterns, clocks, a padlock and a quote, these antique look symbols will be a welcome addition to any heritage page.

Kaisercraft Flourish Journal Rub-ons – Scrapbooking – $3.95
Vintage styled journalling boxes is the theme for this page of rub-ons. With a total of 9 boxes, each measuring approx. 5cm-6cm wide, and with plenty of flourishes to add to the antique look … simply cut out the relevant image, and rub-on using the icecream stick that is included.

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