5th Unlock the Past Cruise – Part 1

We’ll the 5th Unlock the Past Cruise is underway, and having boarded the Marco Polo ship on Saturday 19th July, we are now currently up to day 3. As I have intermittent internet access onboard I’m not going to give detailed day-by-day happenings but rather an overview of what has happened so far.

On the Road Again …

I owe the title of this blog to Dick Eastman, as whenever he goes away he lets his readers know where he’s off to. That is what I’m doing in this post. Though technically it should probably be called “On the Sea Again … ” as I’m off on another cruise again, and hoping for some warmer weather.

Inside History Magazine – Issue 23 (Jul-Aug 2014) is Out Now

Inside History Magazine’s issue 23 has hit the shelves, and it is another page turner issue. Charles Darwin, Who Do You Think You Are? Australia, the Eureka stockade, British India, how to decode your family photos, and much more are included!

RootsMagic Wants Your Feedback to Improve It

If you are a RootsMagic user, please take a moment to read this, as it is especially for you. The creators of RootsMagic have asked for feedback from users on how they can improve the program – so they need your input.

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Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – L is for …

It’s exciting to see so many people participating. We’ve had an amazing range of topics that people have been writing about … we’ve had everything from emigrant ships, attributes, archives, alphabets, special ancestors, family stories, home towns, war memorials, heirlooms, occupations, streets and more. So now that we’re up to “L”, what does L relate to in your family history?

Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – K is for …

Another week means another letter in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge, and we are now up to the letter ‘K’. Each letter has brought out so many wonderful topics: family members, websites, photographic montages, occupations, memorabilia and ephemera, emigration, genealogy programs and apps … and OH SO MUCH MORE!


National Archives of Australia Seeks $92 Million for Preservation Facility

The Canberra Times had an interesting article on the National Archives of Australia seeking $92 million to upgrade their facilities. According to the report the NAA Mitchell storage facility has become so decrepit that tape is being used to hold down floor tiles which could contain asbestos. It is our our NATIONAL Archives for goodness sake!!


Help Make Australian BDM Certificates Cheaper

We all know that Australian BDM certificates are ridiculously expensive, but why is this so? Why do we have to pay $30-$40 per certificate, when we can order others from the UK for about $15.00? It doesn’t seem right. Inside History Magazine have started a petiton in a bid to get not only the price of Australian BDM certificates dropped, but also with the aim to make them easier to order.


Australia’s National Family History Week 2012

Australia’s National Family History Week is on again and this year runs it from 27th July through until 5th August 2012. As family history is fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies around, use this opportunity to either expand your own family history knowledge, or share the passion by introducing someone else to it.


Two More Unlock the Past Books Due Soon

The Unlock the Past authors have busy putting pen to paper (or should I say fingers on keyboards?), and have been busy writing a whole host of new books. Two of the new books are due within 1-2 weeks, and are now available for pre-order. Interestingly both of these new books relates to land records, one for Australia and New Zealand and the other for Scotland.

Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – J is for …

If you’ve just discovered our Alphabet Challenge, we’d love for your to join us. We are looking for genealogists worldwide who are bloggers, Facebookers, and/or Tweeters to join us. All you need to do is use the current letter for the week (J this week), and connect it to someone, something, or a topic relating to your family that you’d like write about. Sounds like fun? It is …


Find & Connect – Australian Orphanage and Child Migrant Records

Don’t you love it when you hear of new projects that start up, and you can see the potential for it to not only be huge, but so useful to others as well! This is how I feel about Find & Connect. This is a project that is designed to connect forgotten Australians, former child migrants, orphans and those in Children’s Homes to their families as well as information and resources …


30 Reasons to Attend a Genealogy Cruise

Genealogy Crusing seems to be a popular way of combining a genealogy conference together with a holiday these days, and with just over 7 months until the 3rd Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Cruise, here’s 30 reasons as to why you (together with a friend or family) should attend a genealogy cruise.

Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – I is for …

As we’re now 9 weeks into the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge (really, where’d that time go), that brings us up to letter ‘I’. So geneabloggers, Facebookers, and Tweeters, tell us what the letter ‘I’ means in connection to your family history.


Update on Trove’s Historical Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program

Back in July 2011 I posted Trove’s digitisation schedule of historical Australian newspapers, now they have released an update on this list, and have included the schedule for newspapers in 2012-2013.


Ancestry Adds Half a Million New Dorset Records

If you’ve got Dorset ancestry, you’ll love this. Ancestry have just added almost half a million new Dorset records to the site. These include including convict records from the 1700s-1900s, as well as Jury Lists, Militia records, Vagrant passes and a whole heap more. Whether your family’s black sheep committed their crimes on land or sea, you’ll find detailed accounts of their offences, and their punishment

Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – H is for …

Another week brings another letter, and this week we’re up to letter H in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge. So far just a few examples that we’ve had are: streets that ancestors have lived in, genealogy apps, ancestors and their achievements – or what they mean to us, stories of life and death, attributes for family historians, genealogy software, emigrants, historical photographs of people and towns, old documents, food, countries, websites and records … ahh the list goes on, and so does the creativity.