Pic Scanner: Scan with Your iPhone or iPad

We all know that Smartphones are more than just a portable phone these days. And no doubt you know that you can use your phone as a scanner, but have you tried Pic Scanner? This is an app that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Look Who Turned Five!

Can you believe it … a few days ago this blog turned five! That’s right. “Genealogy & History News” has been spreading the news to the genealogy world for five whole years now.

Congress: 12 Reasons Why You Should Go!

If you are only going to attend one genealogy event in Australia during 2015, be sure to make it the “14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry” otherwise known simply as “Congress” which is Australia’s largest genealogy conference.

71 New Historical Newspaper Titles Added to Trove

Trove’s historical newspaper collection is world class. 14 million pages from over 700 Australian newspapers. And it’s FREE! What’s not to love? The latest update on Trove has the Australian genealogy world jumping for joy, as they have just uploaded images to another 71 titles to their historical newspaper collection.

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400 Million More Genealogy Records

Good news for all researchers, GenealogyInTime Magazine who is now the fifth largest free genealogy website in the world (this is based on Alexa stats, and the largest free genealogy websites in order are FamilySearch, Find A Grave, Geni, GeneaNet followed by GenealogyInTime Magazine), has just added 400 million new records to their two free search engines.


Victoria’s History Week, 21-28 October 2012

Victoria’s History Week for 2012 is on from the 21st to 28th of October, and as usual is packed full of events to celebrate Victoria’s history. To celebrate, why not spend the week travelling back in time, discovering Victoria’s wide and wonderful past. From fascinating walking tours and engaging discussions, to exhibitions and ‘history in the making’ events – there is something in store for everyone to enjoy.

Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – T is for …

The Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge is nearing the end, but we’re not there yet … still a few more letters to go, and this week brings us to the letter T. So do you have a special ancestor, a place, or a docuement, an heirloom or something else that relates to your own family history that starts with the letter T that you’d like to write about.


‘Ryde Goes to War’ Project

Let me introduce you to a new research project that the Ryde District Historical Society, has just begun. Titled ‘Ryde Goes to War’, the Society has taken on the challenge of gathering data on World War 1 Service personel who have a strong connection with the City of Ryde in Sydney.


New Unlock the Past Books: DNA, Church Records, findmypast.com.au, Pitfalls, Social Media & Trove

Unlock the Past have been busy, releasing 6 new books in the past 2 of weeks. With topics such as genealogy pitfalls, Aus/NZ church records, how to use social media with your family history, DNA in genealogy, and the NLA’s Trove, and a book on the brand new findmypast.com.au website, there really is something here for everyone

Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – S is for …

‘S’ is this week’s letter in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge. As we’ve odne each week, the one rule of this Challenge is that you need to use the current letter of the week and connect it to someone or something relating to your family history. So you could write about Scotland, shipping records, Aunt Susan, sharing or even searching … there’s so many options.


Inside History Magazine – Issue 12 (Sep-Oct 2012) is Out Now

Inside History Magazine Issue 12 is out now, and in this issue they celebrate weddings. Covering topics such as FamilySearch marriage records, and how to find “the one” you’re after; Learn what our convict ancestors got up to, all in the name of love; Who is the beautiful bride on the cover, you ask?; And we get some favourite family recipes and the stories behind them

Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – R is for …

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge Week 18 brings us to the letter ‘R’. So tell us of a place, a person, a ship, a document, a trait, or a heirloom (or anything else) relating to your own family history that starts with the letter R! The choice is entirely yours …


Love Trove + Love Blogging = Trove Tuesday

Love Trove + Love Blogging = Trove Tuesday. Aussie Geneabloggers (well actually anyone, from anywhere) now has a new reason to be excited, and that is thanks to Trove Tuesday. Is there a person who doesn’t LOVE Trove? I don’t think so. So let’s share our finds by blogging about them.


Project “Chronicle Scarborough” Needs Your Help

Scarborough is a coastal suburb of Perth, Western Australia, and is located approximately 14km northwest of the city centre. This suburb and was named after the English beach resort Scarborough, in North Yorkshire. The lovely people from Storyfire have introduced me to “Chronicle Scarborough”. This is a brand new exciting project, that aims at documenting the history of this Perth suburb, and they need your help.

Family History Through the Alphabet

Family History Through the Alphabet – Q is for …

We continue to work our way through the alphabet, and this week we’re up to Q in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge. So do you have a special ancestor, a place, or a thing relating to your own family history that starts with the letter Q that’s you’d like to write about, the choice is entirely yours … and throughout this Challenge, we’ve had so many great topics already.


Australian Family Tree Connections – September 2012 Issue Out Now

September arrives this weekend, and the September 2012 Issue of Australian Family Tree Connections magazine has arrived in time for some weekend reading. With a whole bunch of articles, a number of Can You Help? queries, a Guest Society, and the Computers and Genealogy section which has a heap of websites for your to discover – there’s weekend reading for you.


Inspiring Genealogy Blogs – August 2012

Welcome to my first Inspiring Genealogy Blogs post. This will be me sharing posts from others with you, they will be posts I find inspiring, posts that make you think, and posts that are just way cool. After spending time reading so many blogs, I thought I’d find a few of my fav’s each month and share them with you here.