Convert Your Family Tree Maker PC files to Mac?

“How do I convert my Family Tree Maker (for Windows) file so that it can be read on my new Family Tree Maker for Mac?” … this is a question that I’m being asked regularly, so I feel that a blog post is needed.

As Family Tree Maker (the Windows version) has been around for around 20+ years, with a new version released pretty much every year, there are different methods of transferring depending on what version of FTM you are currently transferring from.

Family Tree Maker Versions 1-4
If you have .fbc files and files from versions prior to version 4 need to be converted on a PC using Family Tree Maker 2005 SE software, which you can download free here. Once downloaded and installed, you bring in your current .fbc or .ftw file into the program, then save it. This will save as a .ftw file which you can then load straight into FTM for Mac.

Family Tree Maker Versions 5-16
If you have .ftw or .fbk files files that were created using a Family Tree Maker version between 5 and 16, these files can be read directly into FTM for Mac without needing any conversion.

Family Tree Maker Versions 2008-2009
If you have Family Tree Maker 2008 or 2009, you will nedd to save your file as a Gedcom (.ged), so then it can be imported into FTM for Mac.

Family Tree Maker Versions 2010-2011
The Family Tree Maker File Migration Utility converts Family Tree Maker 2010 and 2011 Windows (.ftw) files so they can be opened on a Mac and vice versa. For more information, and step-by-step instructions on how to do this click here.

Family Tree Maker Versions 2012-2014
To transfer a file from Family Tree Maker 2012 or 2014 to Family Tree Maker for Mac, you first will need to export your file to a format that the File Migration Utility can convert into a Mac file. Please follow the instructions the article titled Export your Family Tree Maker file and make sure in Step 3 to choose the output format of 2010 or 2011. You can then use the File Migration Utility to convert your newly exported file to the Mac format.

10 thoughts on “Convert Your Family Tree Maker PC files to Mac?

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  2. I just installed MacFamily Tree 7 and thought from what I had read that I might be able to open or import PC Family Tree Maker 8.0 files (.ftw) into the MAC version. I am not finding a way to do that. Need help.

  3. Hi Kathy, thanks for your query. Now Mac Family Tree won’t be able to read your Family Tree Maker .FTW files, so you will need to get them saved into a gedcom format (.GED) so that they will then come into your new program.

    The MacFamilyTree website FAQs does have this question:
    Q. I want to switch to Mac Family Tree from Family Tree Maker, Legacy, RootsMagic etc. How can I transfer my information?
    A. You need to export your tree file from your previous application as a GEDCOM file. These files can be imported from the start screen or the file menu in MacFamilyTree.

    If you have any further queries please email

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  5. I have an IMAC computer and would need to purchase Family Tree Maker via the internet.
    Is that service available or still in the pipeline?
    Sue Lareky


    Convert Your Family Tree Maker PC files to Mac? | Genealogy & History News

  7. Peter Bateman says:

    Hi help please have family data save to Ged com from family tree 2005 on my old XP computer,now I have a a Mac computer which family tree do I need to run also link to ipad

  8. I want to transfer my Windows 8 family tree maker files to an iMac with Gedcom. However, Windows 8 tells me i cannot do this until I download Windows 8.1
    I have tried twice to download Windows 8.1 (this takes a few hours) and Windows 8 will not download.
    Can you please help me with this.
    Thank you.

  9. I meant Windows 8.1 will not download.

  10. I have windows 7 on my Mac computer OS 10.6.8 – Snow Leopard. Windows is set up in a partition/windows parallel on same computer, as I originally had a windows computer when purchasing the FMT 2008 program.
    I only ever use Windows to access my Family Tree Maker 2008 version I would very much like to transfer all the information onto my Mac as accessing it is very tedious and slows my computer own substantially with updates and backups.
    Please advise what programs I need and how to do do this. I would be VERY grateful. My computer knoweldge is fairly limited so I will need clear instructions!
    Many thanks.

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